The term “Neonatology” means the science deals with newborn babies. New born babies are different from other children; hence they need specialized care with specialized equipment and environment. A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a specialized unit that takes care of ill or preterm or low birth weight new born babies. A NICU consists of neonatologists and a dedicated nursing staff. A big team of doctors and nurses monitor the newborn baby and provide the best possible way forward to treat the neonate. Star women and children hospital NICU equipped with incubators, radiant warmers, ventilators, cardio respiratory monitors, laminar flow, phototherapy units, HFO ventilators and syringe pumps. Since the NICU deals with newborn babies, it is crucial that the child protected from cold environment, infection, noise, excess handling.

Star women and children hospital has a team of experienced specialists who have the vast experience in dealing with neonatal emergencies and its complications. Dr. Nithish Reddy, who led the NICU, is well trained in various nuances of Neonatology from reputed institutions across India. He has vast experience in the field of Neonatology, and is currently the chief Neonatologist of Level-III NICU at our hospital. He is well versed with the management of extreme premature babies, extreme low birth weight babies apart from providing them appropriate post discharge care. He also excels in dealing with all neonatal emergencies along with invasive procedures. He has been an active participant of various national and international conferences and has presented multiple research papers.

Star women and children hospital is accreted by National Neonatology Forum (NNF) and running neonatology fellowship programme for pediatricians and nurses under NNF.