Paediatric Neurology

Neurology means the science deals with brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscle disorders. Nervous system is important part of body and it is one of the most complex and sophisticated systems in human body. Neurologists are doctors who are specially trained and equipped to deal with neurological problems. Paediatric neurologists are doctors who are deal with children neurological problems. Neurological problems are different from adults; hence there is need for special doctors to deal with these issues. Paediatric neurology is an emerging Paediatric super speciality. It deals with disorders related to nervous system in children from new born to18 yrs of age. We can provide necessary services for developmental delay, seizures, autism, ADHD, muscular disorders, stroke, CNS infections etc. We provide 24hr routine EEG and Video EEG services. We can treat acute neurological conditions like meningitis, Encephalitis, Severe headache, status epilepticus, GBS, ADEM, autoimmune encephalitis etc. We can deal with Paediatric neurosurgeries with the coordination with neurosurgeon.

We are providing round the clock Paediatric neurological services in our hospital. This is the first hospital providing these services under the care of well trained Paediatric neurologist Dr. Sai Chandar Reddy Dudipala. This is the first kind of hospital have Paediatric neurology services in Telangana other than Hyderabad.

There is lack of awareness among the people about this new specialty. We are marching forward with the mission to create awareness among the local public and also among the health care workers. The ultimate motto is to deliver quality neurological service to the needy child.